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Ms. Erin Brockovich

Independent Director

Ms. Brockovich has been an independent member of our Board of Directors since May 2019. Ms. Brockovich has had over 35 years of diverse legal and business successes both domestic and global. Since 1996, Ms. Brockovich has served as President of Brockovich Research & Consulting, where she currently consults with three national law firms and is involved in numerous environmental projects worldwide. Additionally, Ms. Brockovich has provided assistance with ground water contamination in every state of the United States, Australia and other countries. In addition to releasing her book, Superman’s Not Coming, Ms. Brockovich worked as Executive Producer on the Rebel television series for ABC and produces a weekly newsletter titled The Brockovich Report. She holds a Letter of Humane from Loyola University and an Honorary Juris Doctor from Lewis and Clark College. Ms. Brockovich grew up in a family of athletes and herbal/nutrition advocates. Her love of nutrition, the legal world and making a difference for women inform her goal of leaving her imprint wherever she can. Ms. Brockovich’s brings to our Board of Directors experience in legal matters and health and wellness advocacy and the ability to move health-related issues.